About Bushido Kai Karate-Do Martial Arts

What type of martial arts if offered?

We have Shotokan and Shito-Ryu Karate which are traditional Japanese/Okinawan martial arts. We also offer Machida Karate - a self-defense-based program developed by Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighters, Lyoto an Chinzo Machida. Kickboxing conditioning and traditional martial arts weapons are also infused into these programs.

Who is the head instructor?

Sensei Shannon Wong has over 30 years of martial arts experience. He is a 4th degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate under the international Shotokai Federation, along with holding a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He continues to train throughout the country. He is former National Champion in weapons. He also has competed in kata and kumite, along with kickboxing. He currently is working on his Shito-Ryu and Machida karate training to further his well-roundness as a martial artist. He is Certified Machida Karate instructor along with annually completing Safe Sport Training. During the day, he works as an Ambulatory Care Pharmacist at Valley Children Health Care.

How long are your classes?

Classes run 45 minutes to an hour.

Will I learn self-defense?

Our programs are designed to teach self-defense skills through live simulations and awareness drills. Anti-bullying drills and discussions are also done during classes. Self-defense is cultivated both physically and mentally.

Do you compete in tournaments?

Bushido Kai Karate competes in United States National Karate Federation tournaments. These tournaments are overseen by the United States Olympic Committee. We have competitors that have made The U.S. National Junior team and have medaled at the national and international level. Most recently, one of our competitors earned Golden medal at the 2018 Junior Pan American Games in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Will this be good for my family?

We make a conscious effort to provide a stress free, drama free, positive family learning environment, while developing true martial arts skills.

How much?

Prices range from $80-130/month for traditional karate for unlimited training (includes Machida Karate/Kickboxing) $40-50/month for Machida Karate/Kickboxing conditioning, $80/month for group private self-defense lessons (customized twice a week schedule), $120/6weeks Tiny Tiger Program (4-6year old). We offer a great starter package at $130/2 moths (includes uniform).